How to make a paper thinking cap

Begin class by wearing a sample hat and ask, "Do you ever feel like you have so many good ideas that they might just explode out the top of your head? Fold over on the inside of cap and secure with one or two stitches.

See the "negative" space and use it to your advantage?

Idea Explosion Thinking Caps

This is fantastic! Wow, this is fantastic! Crumple, fold, roll, twist, cut. Cut two rectangular pieces for the base of the bulb. That would be fun, but I don't suppose hats are allowed in school.

how to make a paper thinking cap

Thank you. This would be very fast if you use your sewing machine but when pre-season football is on I really like to veg in front of the TV with a craft project so I hand sewed the whole hat! If kids were allowed to share hats in school I would have definitely made one for my son's classroom.

how to make a paper thinking cap

Many kids will first try to affix it only to the top edge, so show how anchoring it lower will allow for greater stability. By wold630 Clever Wren Cakes Follow. I know a kindergarten student at school. How many are taller than 12 inches?

how to make a paper thinking cap

Push them onto the pipe cleaner. Share it with us! Most kids have made a paper chain... Start with a "hot dog" fold lengthwise , and then do a 2nd hot dog fold.

how to make a paper thinking cap

Trace around the gear patterns with a sharpie marker and cut gears out of felt of your color choice. Cut out four small circles and punch a hole in the center using a small hole punch. Cut one solid sheet of felt in half.

Thinking Cap With Working Light

You should also enter it in the halloween costumes. Give students a few minutes work individually or in small groups to tinker with the paper and come up with different ways the paper can be transformed.

how to make a paper thinking cap

Rockets Class.