How to do woodblock printing press

I use strictly oil, mostly canola oil but there are others you can try.

how to do woodblock printing press

Buying the wood before you sketch helps, because then you can draw around it directly into your sketchbook and use it as a frame so you know you're getting the size right. I'm wondering how it would be for stamps. I have done some rethinking on this and after looking at my Morgan Line-O-Scribe press I think that I have the solution in hand.

Or the most stressful.

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That's it, really. It's harder to do the reverse. The book is a guide to potty training toddlers, but you can use whatever is handy. I would like to make a rubbing or other impression of the carving and frame it for my niece. I've actually been mainly using some matte, heavy weight printing paper that has a good weight and seems to take the ink well. Using my thumbs to position the print for accurate alignment so that all parts of the image come together seamlessly.

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how to do woodblock printing press

Something to support the wood while you're carving You need to sit the piece of wood on something soft-ish while you're carving it so you can move it around easily when carving you basically keep your hand in one place and move the piece.

Studio Diary. We used basswood, which is soft but has a fine grain.

how to do woodblock printing press

Woodblock, which is what I'm going to focus on, uses really tightly grained wood that is cut across the grain the same way you would cut through a trunk to fell a tree if you were a lumberjack. Eventually I settled on a design which I had bid at several local machine shops.

But I've really ended up only using one, the "Medium - Spitsticker". One is straight onto the heavyweight paper I mentioned that I use, and the other is a card I made for the holidays using some rather nice blank, brown stock that I picked up from the stationery store, Paperchase.

Poplar wood works well as does clear pine or ash.

Creating, Cutting and Printing Your Own Woodblock

I'm not really happy with the way they take to the paper the results seem a little more patchy and less deep but the cleaning is a dream. These are the water based.

how to do woodblock printing press

Here I am cutting ply wood, sold as Japanese ply in the UK, which is fine for most work, though not as good as the real Shima ply from Japan which I have to import.