How to create viewports

how to create viewports

Go to Page No. Easily plot the completed layout at a scale of 1: This site uses cookies. A new layout appears in the drawing window, showing the default sheet area and a single rectangular viewport centered on the sheet.

how to create viewports

Search Search. Thanks in advance. If one or more named views were previously saved in model space, click the New View button at the bottom of the gallery. Like this: Please speake on this.

To Create a New Layout Viewport

Step 2: Remember me. You can also select the edge of the viewport object, and specify the viewport scale in the Properties palette.

how to create viewports

You could double click within the viewport, pan and zoom to show the special part of your drawing, then click a position outside the viewport to stop editing the view. And like any other drawing object, a viewport can be selected and moved, copied, resized, arrayed, or deleted.

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How to Create a Viewport in AutoCAD 2014

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how to create viewports

Step 1: As I want to use viewport for my students in the next class at http: After a viewport is created, it will show all object from model space.