How to cite gss data set

Data Sets for Social Sciences: How to Cite Data

Compare Members Compare the members of 31 different religious groups including agnostics and atheists using data from the 2014 U. Look for a version or edition number. Congregational Resource Center. Variable Cart 3.

how to cite gss data set

Compare Nations. Responses from persons in the subsample must subsequently be weighted up in order to represent all of those who had not responded by the time the subsample was drawn. Chicago, IL: Written by, or adapted from, Vanderbilt University Libraries current as of.....

how to cite gss data set

See how the responses vary by demographic categories and, when available, how they change over time. General Social Survey, 1972-2010 Cumulative File. Group Profiles The profiles chart schisms and mergers, document membership trends, offer basic descriptions, and link to additional resources for more than 400 past and present American religious groups.

Last Updated: Subscribe to the ARDA: To learn more about the methodology used to develop the visualizations, click here. For this reason, a user should verify the response options in one year, and compare the same variable across the other years you wish to analyze.

General Social Survey, 2002

Need help with the weighting feature? The ability to review and comment on activities in a shared project provides an interactive way for professors to engage with and monitor student work. Fewer or additional elements may be requested by author guidelines or style manuals.

how to cite gss data set

APA 6th edition Smith, T. Smith, Tom W. PDF study description file. From 1975 to 2002 the GSS used full-probability sampling of households designed to give each household an equal probability of being included in the GSS.

how to cite gss data set

Religious Groups. Cases from which no response has been obtained after the initial stage of the field period are subsampled and resources are focused on gaining cooperation from this subset.

Name s of each individual or organizational entity responsible for the creation of the dataset.

how to cite gss data set

Smith, T. Core items include background information about respondents for example: You'll find the codebook in our Help and Resources section. You should cite data used in a publication in just the same way that you can cite other sources of information, such as articles and books.