How to change tennis racket grip size

how to change tennis racket grip size

Cut off the excess grip with scissors and wrap the supplied finishing tape around the top to secure the grip to the handle. The Grip Size Choosing the correct grip size means finding out the circumference or thickness of the tennis racket.

This makes the grip significantly smaller but you lose the cushioning you get from a replacement grip. Pull off any remaining adhesive tape. Grips Additional weight: The grip size is usually mentioned at the bottom of the tennis racket. Install part of a heat-shrink sleeve and trim as needed. If an overgrip is placed over the replacement grip of the tennis racket, then the grip size will be thicker and the original grip size will not count.

how to change tennis racket grip size

Color all eight sides of the handle with a permanent marker. Check our selection of racquets and grips at http: An overgrip is normally used if you are looking to alter the feel of your grip as well as increasing the size a little. Set the butt cap to the side. Tennis Grip Size.

Tennis Tip: How To Find Your Racquet Grip Size

If you like the frame so bad, and you can't find another one with smaller grip size, and of course if you think their price tag is OK: Exist a method to reduce grip size? Remove the grip and install one or two thin overwraps onto the bare handle. I have a new racquet on the way from tennis warehouse I hate waiting for pre orders but the Kobra sits in my basement, coiled up and ready to strike with mediocrity!

The grip and the toss Nike Tennis Tip: HRB - I forgot to say thank you for the heads up on not feeling "like I got it right" when attempting to modify a racquet. If you want to remove your heat shrink sleeve, gently slice it lengthwise and peel off handle.

how to change tennis racket grip size

Hi, i recently buy an Prince Exo3 Tour 100 18x20 with grip size 4, but i have small hands and i think the best grip size for me is 2. Skip To footer.

how to change tennis racket grip size

BlueB Hall of Fame Mar 5, 2015. It worked perfectly, I just was patient, not in a hurry, and went in with the thought of, "if I mess this up, it's not a racquet I love" But now it feels so much better, I actually am excited to play with an old crappy racquet NOS.

How to reduce grip size of raquet?

I decided to go for it!! Irvin G.

how to change tennis racket grip size

If you're not sure of your grip size, here are two simple ways to measure: The best tennis racquet grip size for you will be the one where your index finger fits snugly within this gap. I was thinking playing with two overgrip and that's it.