Eric gorr 155 howitzer

Not one of the transfers was even touched, all of the casting marks still remained, and port sizing was stock. Alot of big bore kits are renowned for having flat spots in the power, thats normally due to incorrect porting, or incorrect squish.

eric gorr 155 howitzer

I would just like some type of response. December 12th I received my cylinder back in the mail.

eric gorr 155 howitzer

Got it back and the porting and polishing job was butchered, it literally looked like shit. The ring was snagging on the powervalve assembly and just for fun, zoom in on the exhaust bridge and look at that terrible chamfer job.

eric gorr 144 yz

We actually have our own mechanic workshop, and used to do alot of our own engine tuning- but after having Eric do the motor work to my suzuki I wont be doing any of my own engine tuning anymore!!! I felt the engine starting to go away and getting weak, so I shut it down and took it home after 1.

eric gorr 155 howitzer

Every business has customers that love them and some that despise them ,its just the nature of dealing with the public. Initial cylinder plating I sent the cylinder back and it returned a few weeks later with a much better port work, but with a SUPER thin crooked exhaust bridge.

eric gorr 155 howitzer

Bulldog wrote: I can't speculate, but I'll bet there is more to the story on his end. PRM31 wrote: Always heard good things about them but went another way with it.

Social Scoop 2.

eric gorr 155 howitzer

My experience was that he is very open to these kind of questions, just give him a call. Also, Im not sure how many times hes switched addresses 526, other than when he was hooked up with Millenium Tech ,then went back to doing his own thing.

Eric Gorr Terrible Customer Service

The o-ring on the cylinder dome would constantly leak and the head would warp. I thank him for thanking those who give willingly everyday to make our lives safer...

M114 Howitzer (155 mm) in Vietnam

Had him do the 265 which was a big mistake.