Cheap wholesale halal sweets uk

Alternatively, more and more businesses are using our online wholesale sweet shop to stock up on specific ranges, if they are located too far from our cash and carries.

cheap wholesale halal sweets uk

Net weight: Haribo Halal Sweet Bags - 17 Flavours. Spanish manufacturer, Fini, makes a number of its popular Pencil sweets suitable for a Halal diet, allowing a wider audience to enjoy this tasty sweet range and all that it has to offer.

Special Price Excl. Halal Pick n Mix Sweets Box. Giant Apples x 120 per Tub 1116 gr. Halal accredited sweets.

Halal Sweets

Suitbale for Vegetarians. All Rights Reserved.

cheap wholesale halal sweets uk

Gummy Bears H,GF. Home Dietary Halal Sweets. Halal Jelly Sweets Sweets. Haribo Halal Sweets.

cheap wholesale halal sweets uk

Filled with a selection of 16 different sweets. Christmas Sweets.

Large range of Gummy, Jelly and Foam Sweets. Pack 1. Glucose Syrup,Sugar,Starch,Acid: Strawberry also contains: Click here to view a Google Map of our location.