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What does it mean that this particular painting hangs upon the Presidential Conference Room wall? Tonight, a friend told me that some sort of "protest" against the religious invocation usually given at the start of the ceremony was planned. The report analyzed approximately 1. When he finishes the build, the friend hands him the keys to the yacht.

By Roy Bauer at May 14, 2007 1 comment: I happened to be in the President's Conference Room in old A100 today, and I noticed all that crap they have hanging on the walls. If you heard it, tell us about it! Apparently oblivious of or indifferent to? Then Chancellor Raghu P. Rebel Girl still dreams of the day when she gives a party and, the stereo blasting, the Staple Singers begin to sing, "I'll Take You There"—and all her friends who still can, join her and they begin to dance.

So when we were beaten, arrested and jailed; when we stood together on picket lines or marched through the streets of the Deep South; when we faced the guns drawn, the billy clubs and the bullwhips raised; when we were teargassed, trampled by horses, or scattered by fire hoses, it was these songs that lifted us and pushed us to a higher place.

No doubt, it was memorable. The handsome fellow ended with, "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. Viel Spass! There was indeed a protest. I just know you're cringing when you hear that stuff about "bliss"!

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I arrived a few minutes late for commencement. I do hope you like the photographs. Hit the road three fellow travelers: My kid's high school is exceptional. Everyone at the college expected Hope to be funny, but, instead, he was very serious. With music composed by her husband, Peter Lieberson and text from Pablo Neruda, Lieberson's mezzo-soprano soars full of passion and tender desperate peace.

Instead, he joined the Navy. It came over her at a bad time Riding through Winona down the dotted line Held us gunning out Nine...

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It was this music that gave us hope when it seemed like all hope was gone. Fuentes is off-camera. Mathur got up to tell that old saw about the guy who builds his friend a yacht, but he does it on the cheap so he can pocket some dough. Vielen Danks! In general, he and his...