Bass boat prop cavitation when turning

Thirdly it reduces bite, which reduces efficiency. I spun a couple of props with a slightly bent shaft and I could not get much beyond idle before it started spinning.

Cavitation Causes and Remedies

You may be able to increase diameter slightly though. These types will help with planing and bow response, but they will not do anything for cavitation.

bass boat prop cavitation when turning

It is the resolution of the pressures that results in the torque requirement and the thrust development of the propeller.

I have noticed that this condition has gotten progressively worse this season. Bull- There is no correct answer that is ideal for every hull regarding cavitation plate height relative to the hull bottom.


Cavitation plate is about 1 " above bottom of hull. Liked it? May 2008 Posts: The bubble eventually collapses to a minute fraction of its original size, at which point the gas within dissipates into the surrounding liquid via a rather violent mechanism, which releases a significant amount of energy in the form of an acoustic shock wave and as visible light.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Your statement about the the height of the Cavitation plate being correct at 1" above the bottom of the hull has me scratching my head. Mark Forums Read. The bolts do not go through the lower unit.

The Stiffy ShawWing cavitation plate is a clamshell design that clamps over your motors' existing cavitation plate. The transom hgt. It has the largest planing surface of all the plates and is usually installed on boats with a flat transom.

You should satisfy yourself that your chosen surveyor is competent to do your job. Specifically what happens in cavitation is this: Different boats will see varying improvements depending on the type of boat. Turning a centrifugal pump too quickly causes the liquid in a pump chamber to boil from lack of pressure.

bass boat prop cavitation when turning

To our thinking, cavitation could be defined as the phenomenon of the formation, rapid collapse, and subsequent implosion of vapor bubbles of a flowing liquid in a region where the pressure of the liquid falls below its vapor pressure.

Other manufacturers recommend our plate on their boats.


A small flat plate above the centreline of the prop, attached to the hull may be all that is needed to eliminate the problem. Some plates claim to be universal, or "one size fits all". Cavitation can even occur in PWC water pump blades. Secondly, it causes those vibrations which makes your ride less comfortable.

bass boat prop cavitation when turning

On the blade surfaces that have suffered cavitation damage, however, a rapid change in hardness can be measured in the two millimetres or so closest to the area of cavitation attack. The vortices can often collapse on the leading edge of the rudder or rudder horn causing severe erosion and pitting damage there.