When plastic surgery goes wrong pictures

10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps

Youn, Priscilla Presley revealed that she got silicone injections in her cheeks - by a phony doctor. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr.

What's hot. Inquiring minds aren't certain what changes have been made to the TV star's face, who's best known for her long run on The Practice from 1997 to 2003.

Plastic Surgery Nightmares

The 10 Best Christian Comedians. Article Botched: Take the case of 38-year-old Philadelphia wife and mother, Tracey Jordan. Regardless of marketing hype, serious even life-threatening complications are not limited to actual surgical procedures. Did Portia de Rossi get plastic surgery on her face? The same can be said of patients who develop excessive scarring.

Michael and La Toya Jackson had an openly tumultuous relationship she withdrew her family support during Michael's child molestation case , but it seems they had one thing in common: Mickey Rourke appears to have undergone a facelift and upper eyelid lift, as well as hair transplants, according to Dr.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: 30 Before-and-After Pics

A badly done facelift can cost a man his sideburns, and Dr. A whittled-down nose, lightened skin, an unnatural cleft in the chin, a chin implant, lip augmentation, and God knows what else - Michael Jackson was a classic case of body dysmorphic disorder BDD , Dr.

when plastic surgery goes wrong pictures

Article Understanding the Risks of Plastic Surgery. I'm scared of putting fillers into my lips.

when plastic surgery goes wrong pictures

What are your thoughts on plastic surgery? Type keyword s to search. Kourtney Kardashian was very open about her breast implants, telling Nightline in 2010: Rossi never gave an answer, but earlier in April 2013, she did tell People: Though there are plenty of rumors she's had a nose job, facelift, and chin implants, Blunt hasn't spoken out about any of it.

Nonetheless, the worst-case scenario does happen. Obviously, when a life is lost, something has gone horribly wrong.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters?

The red-haired comedian is no stranger to "Top 10" lists of horrifying plastic surgeries. Plastic surgery doesn't always turn out the way people want it to - and that's true for celebrities as well as the rest of us.

when plastic surgery goes wrong pictures

For instance, let's look at a common complication like capsular contracture after breast augmentation. But with every photo she posted on Instagram, she fanned the plastic surgery rumors fire. Just take a look at these 14 A-listers - and what plastic surgeon Dr.