What do you mean by thermodynamics

All of these systems are said to be conservative in the sense that energy can be freely converted from one form to another without limit. As the science of physics expanded to cover an ever-wider range of phenomena, it became necessary to include additional forms of energy in order to keep the total amount of energy constant for all closed systems or to account for changes in total energy for open systems.

All over the world, businesses have become more accountable for their carbon footprints, and have taken measures to appear "green" to the media and investors. It is impossible for heat to travel from an object at a lower temperature to another object at a higher temperature.

what do you mean by thermodynamics

Properties may be extensive or intensive. Boundary around electric motor system Figure 1.


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what do you mean by thermodynamics

Development of the atomic theory conservation of energy In conservation of energy entropy and energy states In principles of physical science: Stated by the German physicist Rudolf Clausius 1822-1888 in two parts as, "Heat cannot be transferred from one body to a second body at a higher temperature without producing some effect," and "The entropy of a closed system increases with time. The equation of state for an ideal gas, which is a very good approximation to real gases at conditions that are typically of interest for aerospace applications 1.

what do you mean by thermodynamics

Such concerns are the focus of the branch of thermodynamics known as statistical thermodynamics, or statistical mechanics , which expresses macroscopic thermodynamic properties in terms of the behaviour of individual particles and their interactions.

The behavior of heat is governed by the three laws of thermodynamics: This law has its name because it was implicitly assumed in the development of the other laws, and is in fact more fundamental than the others, but was only later established as a law itself.


Heat was not formally recognized as a form of energy until about 1798, when Count Rumford Sir Benjamin Thompson , a British military engineer, noticed that limitless amounts of heat could be generated in the boring of cannon barrels and that the amount of heat generated is proportional to the work done in turning a blunt boring tool.

This fundamental limitation is expressed quantitatively by the second law of thermodynamics see below. Energy has a precise meaning in physics that does not always correspond to everyday language, and yet a precise definition is somewhat elusive. Browse Dictionary by Letter: Equilibrium [Mechanical Equilibrium] [Thermal Equilibrium] A system in thermodynamic equilibrium satisfies: Each fundamental advance of physics into new realms has involved a similar extension to the list of the different forms of energy.

what do you mean by thermodynamics

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what do you mean by thermodynamics

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