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But as the influx of case reports grew in more recent years, the resources for dealing with at risk families dwindled, and the problems grew. You guys go to the same houses we do with nothing but a clipboard. In addition to all of the daily pressures of investigating families, White says the CPS office building at 691 St.

Monroe County Legislator John Howland Endorses Marjorie Byrnes for State Assembly

These details cannot be confirmed by CPS due to an ongoing investigation into how the case was handled. Lenane works with caseworkers daily. When we go out, we have guns and partners. Their home, which is sometimes the scariest when you really have very little control. Everything must be taken to court. If children are found to be in imminent danger, they gather the necessary evidence and information to present to a judge in order to remove children from their home.

If the higher cases coming in from the state are not in fact catching legitimate cases that otherwise would not have been known, then those issues need to be made know to the state, Rosen says. People have a lot of weight gain from stress eating. People have different standards of parenting, and that in no small part affects CPS, she says. When she died from internal injuries last November, Brook Stagles was one of the hundreds of open cases at Monroe County Child Protective Services, where Geer believes caseworkers and managers were too overwhelmed to save her.

He says the problem cannot be solved simply by authorizing more new hires as the legislature already has done. CPS rates safety one through five, White explains.

He circulated the legislation among his colleagues to get their feedback and find out their positions on it.

This is Rochester.

Many caseworkers believe it was meant to slash costs. For her part, she is working on 12 cases of legitimate abuse that she is preparing for trial. Three indicates there is cause for concern, and four means the children should be removed from the home. In a highly partisan county legislature, Wilcox says it now seems unlikely they will. A high staffing turnover is making an already difficult job for CPS workers even harder. Caseworkers are scrambling to close cases as new ones continue flooding in.

Other caseworkers harbor emotional trauma from the cases they investigate, the abuse and neglect they witness.