In batman who really is joker

in batman who really is joker

Well, not if the Joker was locked in Arkham as a minor and kept there until the breakout. Someone obviously of wealth who fits well into these groups. It took several days for the toxin to have its effect on Batman, who slowly noticed the changes in his attitude and demeanor and by the time anyone else noticed it was too late.

in batman who really is joker

Later, Thomas Jr. This is why he'll never reveal to Batman who he really is -- because he wants Batman to uncover it. It isn't personal for the Joker and Batman, and it doesn't have to be-- what makes the ongoing fight between the two so compelling doesn't require either of them to have a vendetta against the other.

There has to be a singular figure with significant influence at play. He must have broken out in the previous movie, Batman Begins. Home Entertainment Opinion Who really is the Joker and why we don't need his origin movie. So, no soppy, tragic backstory, please.

Is The Joker really the bad guy in 'The Dark Knight'?

What most people don't seem to notice is that Batman Begins is actually the Joker's origin story, too. Beyond Joker outgrowing Gaggy once he retained his original edge and finding a far more interesting partner in Harley, Gaggy is problematic under a modern lens as his stature as a little person was often used as comic relief. What most people don't realize is that Hamill actually once played a live-action Joker-- kind of. It makes him less scary, less interesting, and less evil.

Continue Reading Below. The gentleman who currently wears bat-themed body armor and the guy who serves him tea don't count. It's the dance that the two of them do that sustains the Joker, and he loves every minute of it.

Doesn't seem so out of character if there's a brotherly bond causing it. Why didn't he just find out the truth then and there? There are other schemes to pick from, Gotham villains.

in batman who really is joker

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