How to search categories on youtube

how to search categories on youtube

OR To search for videos matching one term or another term, separate them by OR in all caps. It features channels that user has recommended or subscribed to.

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Search for videos with specific words in the title. If you're already plugged into Twitter , finding your favorite YouTube channels there will ensure you not only stay updated, but also follow who they retweet and share content from. Take the biographical video trend " Draw My Life. This page should be used solely as reference material for existing implementations.

How to allow specific youtube video categories?

Plus, the web produces an infinite number of trends; YouTubers are bound to respond. Type the name of your tag in quotes after to search for that tag. To exclude something from your search, use a hyphen before it. Of course, with billions of hours of video available to chose from, how does one go about tailoring his interests and finding the people who create that great stuff? If you arrive at the YouTube's homepage with no clear search goals in mind, it can be difficult to discover something new.

how to search categories on youtube

Search operator When to use it is: Yes No. You must specify at least one genre for sound recordings that are included in the AudioSwap program. Click Here to find out more.

how to search categories on youtube

The genres listed below are valid for movies and trailers. This feature is not currently available in YouTube Studio beta.

Use advanced search in Video Manager

And don't get discouraged by all the content. YouTube Get support.

how to search categories on youtube

Because YouTube is so social, inevitably, watching videos will surface new YouTubers. For example, both of the following values are valid ways of identifying the same video genre:.

how to search categories on youtube

Search for videos based on when you uploaded them. Help Center Community.