How to make a ford 347 stroker

Ford 347 Stroker Engine Build - Big Inches On A Budget

Once again we have cheaper kits and we have more expensive kits it all depends on what your budget and expectations. While a nickel-sized gap behind the ring on each side of the piston may not seem like a huge issue, in fact such a gap will increase the oil consumption of the motor to some level.

how to make a ford 347 stroker

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how to make a ford 347 stroker

The most desirable casting years for roller cam motors are 1986-1995. Related Articles. Have a gearhead with you while assembling the motor, not a prankster. We're not going to lie and tell you that it's easy to build your own motor.

How Do I Build a 347 Stroker

Research Project: Also See: Use a high quality tapered-style piston ring compressor to install them pistons and rods for best results. Otherwise, improvise with a set of toothbrushes, like we did, to carefully clean the main bearing saddles, lifters bores, and cylinders. Even though you've read other articles in the past and have seen the photos, the amount of work required to put together the engine of your dreams is quite intensive.

These rods require slightly... Subscribe to a Magazine. The 302 based stroker simply looked better and better as the cheap way to gain displacement. You will need to make a decision rather you want cast iron or aluminum? Engine Specifications Torque Specs Main cap: How much stroke is enough?

Ford 347 Engine Build – Garage-Built Stroker

If you're building a strong street engine, you need a broad torque curve-an engine that pulls like stink from around 2,500 rpm and keeps hauling to 5,500 rpm when it hands off to peak horsepower around 6,000 rpm. Then you must consider piston type and design, rod ratio, stroke, and what you will have to do in the way of block modifications. As a matter of fact, the stroker kit includes a new oil pump, a complete Fel-Pro engine gasket set, a new nodular iron Scat 3.

When filing the rings, make sure that you cut them flat and that they sit with a gap that is evenly spaced.

how to make a ford 347 stroker

Built vs. This allows you to use an older, non-HO block as your foundation. Shortly after the 347 became popular, the 331 kits started hitting the popularity charts.

Technically it is possible to get as much as 355 cubes from a 302, but this requires custom machining and the life span of such a motor is very short, making it a seldom seen, race-only application. Your first order of business is to locate a good block to start with.

how to make a ford 347 stroker