How to control things with mind power

how to control things with mind power

Last night, a stack of tires in my basement flipped over and balanced on their side. I was able to get the paper to turn some with out my fingers slightly reached out. Flip the paper over then diagonally fold in half, making a triangle.

Start with the psi ball, a good beginning exercise.

Telekinesis: How to Move Things with Your Mind [3 Easy Ways!]

Joanna Frankel Eastwick can move objects and people with her mind. Co-Authored By:. Use these feelings to refine your ability to direct force to an object and move it with your intention. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Light a candle, clear your mind, and let the flame fill your thoughts.

how to control things with mind power

Is it normal to feel sick when doing this because when i was trying to move the paper i started feeling really sick Like Like. Together, they cited information from 15 references.

how to control things with mind power

Learn more... The Force Unleashed series mastered Force Repulse, a telekinetic power which involved a wave of psychic energy flowing out of the user. I want to improve the Psi balls first so that It wont be very hard for me to perform the TK.


In order to calm your mind and open it up to the possibility of telekinesis, meditation should be practiced on a regular basis. Watch it flicker and move. First it just wiggeled up and down lot.

how to control things with mind power

Did this article help you? Remember that some people will not welcome a telekinesis person or a telepath into society with open arms. Work on feeling the energy that flows through your body. Wiesner , and first used by psychologist Robert Thouless in a 1942 article published in the British Journal of Psychology.

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