How to beat 17 on doors

Conundrum 100 Doors Challenge 2 – Walkthrough – Level 17

The easy answer is: SL-17 Installation Instructions. This comes as no surprise because the SL-17 solves door maintenance and standard door replacement problems just as it was designed to do in 1983 for educational institutions!

how to beat 17 on doors

They are full of energy, in a hurry and most times have their hands full of books, sporting equipment, or their phones.

Corrosion Resistant Solutions Brochure. You need a door that takes such punishment. Color Selections. But worse yet, when they leave the school add speed to the scenario!

100 Floors: Level 17

Blast Resistance. It is the informed choice for K-12 schools, public buildings, sports complexes, water and wastewater treatment facilities, and other applications that quickly damage or even destroy lesser doors. How to Measure for a New Entrance. Yes — THAT entrance. Where is your biggest door headache? SL-17 Express Order Form. Education Market Brochure. In fact, your first installation should be in the entrance system that experiences a high level of abuse.

how to beat 17 on doors

What force! CAD Files.

SL-17 Pebble Grain FRP/Aluminum Hybrid Door

Door Handing. French Corrosion Resistant Solutions Brochure. School doors get hard forearm slams, swinging gym bags or book bags, and sometimes feet kicking the exit devices. Many educational facility managers, when asked the right questions, know where they should try the SL-17 first.

Is this the door that needs weekly hardware adjustments?

how to beat 17 on doors