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Johnson, Travis Lacy, Katherine J. Smith, Amanda P. Employers in both the private and public sectors are arguing for a change in the way young macroeconomists are trained to enable a better understanding of how the financial system actually works as well as appropriate policies in times of financial crises.

Gagnon, Allyson E. Long, Erin S.

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Shirer, Olivia S. Are We Moving Forward? A jury chaired by Ambassador Staehelin and composed of high level figures, will select three papers and invite the student teams to Geneva for a one-day defense of their proposal. McMahon, Timothy J.

With a view to providing both groups a rich experience in a diverse academic and cultural setting, this also allows them to pursue a personal research project. Two projects were launched on feminism and the politics of change, examining gender experts and expertise. Shopping Cart. Nwokocha March 5, 2013. Fabricius, Kerri L. Foster, Kathleen M.

It carries 65 ECTS credits. This rise accelerated in the 2000s with yearly arbitrations reaching close to 35 cases each year since 2009.

The Trade and Investment Law Clinic, now in its fourth year, considered questions such as the international treaty implications if the United Kingdom were to withdraw from the European Union, and the legality of sophisticated tax planning by multinational enterprises aimed at shifting profits in ways that erode the taxable base and lead to significant losses of national tax revenues.

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The post-independence, state supported rise of green agricultural biotechnologies — heralding the fabled green revolution — is well documented. Socialize Facebook.

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An international workshop on gender and security was held and subsequently the Swiss National Science Foundation awarded funding for a major study on the gender dimensions of social conflicts, armed violence, and peacebuilding. Situated in the heart of International Geneva, the Institute offers disciplinary and interdisciplinary master and doctorate programmes.

Established in late 2013, the programme aims to improve academic and policy discourse on the role of innovation and diffusion of clean technologies for green growth. Fow 3-27-2012 1044 Alpha Mu University of Missouri. Rapport annuel 2013 — p. A public seminar series was launched, offering students, faculty and practitioners a space to examine theoretical and empirical research on international governance. The Institute is accredited by the Swiss government.