Wii console blue light flickers when turned

Wii disc drive flashing when turned off?

Newer Than: Usually Nintendo's service is really good for this stuff. I just made it to the half way point of Meringue Clouds on NSMBU and had almost all the star coins, I'm pretty pissed about losing all that, this game is pretty damn tough.

wii console blue light flickers when turned

I'm not going to go buy a web cam that I will never use just so I can "prove" to a bunch of anonymous people on a video game forum that I'm not lying. Yes No.

Blinking blue light of death is a thing, apparently.

Rather I think people should know that Wii Us can break and that that was what it looked like. Rickdik Vids rickhole.

wii console blue light flickers when turned

Turn your Wii on and check if you have an update ready to install or if you received a measage. Also wondering, is your Wii U homebrewed? Show 5 more comments.

wii console blue light flickers when turned

As far as it being online, when you connect it to the internet, the standby light will become orange instead of red. Ever fixed something?

The it basically seems like it is the equivalent of the red ring of death for the XBOX but for the WII because when it is flashing I cant do anything with the wii like I cant even turn it off, i have to unplug it from the wall in order for it to stop flashing.

Turns out their is a widespread system error, a blinking blue light of death. For the person that said they watch Netflix, it's because you got a message. Chosen Solution.

wii console blue light flickers when turned

We were watching Netflix and the blue light was on and it blinks. A bit early to say that, no? Wii - Hardware, Devices and Utilities.

wii console blue light flickers when turned

I don't have a gamepad with it, just the console, can anyone help? Thanks Razor83, that's very useful info, are you aware of any way to repair this without nand backups? This seems to be the closest answer.

Wii U GamePad Turns On / HOME Button LED Flashes When the Console Is Turned Off

Dec 23, 2009. Share your repair story with ImAGenius. My Wii U works perfectly.