Where do i get the macrobinoculars swtor

SWTOR Macrobinocular and seeker droid missions guide

For the surviving part: They are on the opposite sides of the room, one on the shelf and another on top of the garbage piles. The next area has a bunch of laser grids with a generator in the middle supplying power to them. I have not yet hit accept on the mission but is there a way to find te chest piece with a seeker droid?

where do i get the macrobinoculars swtor

Just made them. I also read comments on older posts, so don't be shy. Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular missions are meant to be done together as they ask you to travel to the same planets.

where do i get the macrobinoculars swtor

No one wants to do these, and the mechanics still require 4 on the Nar Shadda quests. The OP has a good, valid point. At the left top tip of the crashed spacecraft.

Macrobinocular guide - Empire

Grabbed 50 Arcann and headed in. Once you take the elevator to the level below, you will notice a Ray Shielded Gate Control and a Lurker trying to bust through the door.

where do i get the macrobinoculars swtor

Let me check, they might have moved him to the capital city. Do the same for the second hot gas valve.

where do i get the macrobinoculars swtor

Subscribe to: Follow the ramp up will take you to Level 3 with more jumps up ahead. I have not had him appear more than once per planet. There are switches at the end of the each of the three droid bays and a fourth switch on the roof.

Its easier to just run from him as he resets fairly quickly and disappears. He is a pushover for L55s and the only thing you really need to watch is the Mini-Missile Barrage which you can interrupt.

SWTOR Macrobinoculars and Seeker Droids Guide

Remember you can get back up from the consoles below by using the hot air vent near one of the consoles. Use the console to deactivate the laser grid. Hi Dulfy!