When did gop take over congress

when did gop take over congress

Trump insisted that he would not take the election results as a reflection on his performance. Blevins said. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York became the first woman in her 20s to win a seat and was joined by 29-year-old Abby Finkenauer in Iowa.

when did gop take over congress

Trump was broad, diverse and somewhat ungainly, taking in young people and minorities who reject his culture-war politics; women appalled by what they see as his misogyny; seniors alarmed by Republican health care policies; and upscale suburban whites who support gun control and environmental regulation as surely as they favor tax cuts.

Pritzker , a Democrat and Hyatt hotel heir, over the embattled governor, Bruce Rauner.

when did gop take over congress

In Tennessee, the Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn emerged victorious in a contest that drew national attention after the pop star Taylor Swift endorsed the Democratic candidate, Phil Bredesen. Democrats had been defending 10 Senate seats in states that Trump largely won by double digits two years ago, rendering the battle to win back the upper chamber of Congress an uphill struggle that was ultimately lost.

Walker, Democrats also elected Gretchen Whitmer as governor of Michigan, a former State Senate leader who is seen as a rising star in the party. The so-called liberal resistance was undergirded by women and people of color and many of them won on Tuesday, including Mikie Sherrill in New Jersey, Lauren Underwood in Illinois and Abigail Spanberger in Virginia.

Many voters were waiting to see if the country would place a check on Mr.

when did gop take over congress

For Democrats, their House triumph was particularly redemptive — not only because of how crestfallen they were in the wake of Mrs. Trump and Republican power in Washington, and if antagonism toward the president would fuel a wave of Republican losses.

But in an indication that the political and cultural divisions that lifted Mr.

Mid-term elections: Democrats win House in setback for Trump

Trump, even as Republicans held on to their Senate majority by claiming a handful of conservative-leaning seats. Early exit polls of voters, released by CNN on Tuesday night, showed a mixed assessment of President Trump as well as of Democratic leaders, and a generally gloomy mood in the country after months of tumultuous campaigning marked by racial tensions and spurts of violence.

Democrats take control of House, CNN projects - Midterm elections

Four Democratic incumbents lost in the Senate. All four voted against the controversial confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court.

Democrats take control of House but Republicans tighten grip on Senate

Republicans staved off an early setback in a conservative-leaning House district in central Kentucky, as Representative Andy Barr repelled a fierce challenge from Amy McGrath , a former fighter pilot running as a Democrat. If Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi gain the majority, they will try to raise your taxes, restore job-killing regulations, shut down your coal mines and timber mills, take away your healthcare, impose socialism, and ERASE your borders.

But in parts of the country with many college-educated white voters, some of whom supported Mr.

when did gop take over congress

Thirty-three percent said Mr. Clinton carried, but they also surprised Republicans in some more conservative metropolitan areas. Trump embraced the campaign as a judgment on him: