What if calculator commsec au

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Commonwealth Bank. For instance, you can use the calculator to see how a simulated trade will affect your loan portfolio before deciding whether you want to proceed with the trade: What can cause a margin call?

Interest rate options for your Margin Loan', so you can make the decision that's right for you. This calculator can help you to understand what your repayments will be.

what if calculator commsec au

Don't sell your shares to realise the equity in your portfolio — harness its borrowing power with a margin loan. Estimate how much you can borrow based on your income and expenditure. Online tools CommSec gives you all the tools you need to monitor your portfolio's performance, including online summaries, gearing ratios, loan statements, notifications and research.

what if calculator commsec au

Credit card repayment calculator Calculate how long it will take you to pay off a balance, depending on the amount of your repayments and your card type. Compare real estate agents in your area, including their fees.

Foreign exchange calculator Convert your Australian dollars to a foreign currency or vice versa. Diversification — across various companies, industries and countries — can help to reduce investment risk. For this reason any client should, before acting on the information, consider the appropriateness of it having regard to their own objectives, needs, financial and taxation situation and, if necessary, seek appropriate independent financial and taxation advice.

Margin Loan Calculator

Other factors may include: Choose a home and a home loan that suits your budget. Adjust the variable interest rate to see how future rate movements affect your interest payments over the following 1-5 years. Your margin loan is separate from your other accounts - for stocks to be used as collateral, they...

what if calculator commsec au

Check which shares in your portfolio we lend against here. Find out more in our short video on "What is a margin loan? How to use the calculator. This information is not advice and has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, needs, financial and taxation situation of any particular individual. Liquidity If at any time you need to access the capital in your loan security, you can sell assets and transfer available funds online — effectively having cash on call when you need it.

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Changing your repayments Discover why your home loan repayments may change, and your options for repayment. Risk Disclosure Whilst borrowing to invest can multiply your investment returns, it may also multiply your losses if the value of your investment falls and this may result in the value of your security being insufficient to repay your loan. CommSec's Margin Loan is award winning, and comes with a range of tools and support to help you effectively manage your loan.

Potentially reduce your tax liability by buying more stocks that pay franked dividends. Interest rate movements If interest rates rise, the overall costs of your investment may increase, potentially reducing your profits.

what if calculator commsec au

No, shares you hold in your trading account do not function as collateral for your margin loan. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement available from commsec. This calculator can help you work out the replacement value of your contents and give you an estimate of how much contents cover you need.