What does a cam and follower do

AST cam followers are also popular for defense and aircraft applications, where maintainability and system reliability are important design considerations. In a cam follower pair, the cam normally rotates while the follower may translate or oscillate.

INTRODUCTION of CAMS and Types of CAM and Followers

The lines of movement of in-line cam followers pass through the centers of the camshafts Fig. As the common contact point is not fixed with respect to the bodies A and B , a constraint needs to be defined between the two bodies to maintain continuous contact.

As the name implies, they are essential to make the cam followers work effectively. AST Bearings has a wide variety of cam follower roller bearing products in its interactive online catalog.

The Bearing 411

The follower may oscillate Fig. This is the region where the follower has a tendency to leave the contact with the cam profile, which depends on the valve spring stiffness value for a given camshaft RPM. The transformation from a local to global orientation is represented in terms of the rotation matrices. In order to generate the cam profile, we need to plot the envelope of the curves.

Cam Follower Roller Bearings, Stud Type - Inch and Metric

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what does a cam and follower do

Also, in a few cases, the desired output motion of follower is already known so it became simple to generate a cam profile from the known follower rise function.

Email will not be published required. When a follower moves along a guide while a cam rotates, the motion is categorized as a rotating cam and translating follower.

what does a cam and follower do

Cam-follower mechanisms are categorized based on the input and output motion of their configurations. When the rotary motion of the cam is converted into oscillatory motion, the configuration is known as a rotating cam and oscillatory follower. Geometry of a valve-opening mechanism with a rocker arm and radial cam.

The follower velocity first increases when the follower comes in contact with the opening flank region of the cam profile. The translating cam is a contoured or grooved plate sliding on a guiding surface s. Consider a simple knife edge radial follower with a known follower rise and a cam angle rotation.

what does a cam and follower do

To smoothly and evenly distribute the loads, cam followers usually are designed with a full complement of rolling elements.