What do vegan vampires eats

The Vegan Vampire

Fan Fiction. If it tastes bad, it's likely because it's disgustingly thin for their tastes. Drinking animal blood just doesn't do anything for them. Rei's first feeding came up as an emergency.

what do vegan vampires eats

But since that creeps out the rest of the pony races, they passed a law banning the drinking of blood and requiring the thestrals to use an alchemical substitute that is barely sufficient to keep them alive. Even older vampires can't even feed on humans - they need other vampires to feed on. Now you've got to ask "How did they feed before they went through the rather lengthy 'blood-making GM plant' research and development process?

He was vegan when alive and now survives mainly by eating roadkill, so he doesn't have to kill an animal or a human being.

what do vegan vampires eats

It reportedly has a somewhat off taste, causing one of Mina's ladies-in-waiting to briefly develop a candy addiction out of a need to get the aftertaste out of her mouth. Have fun! The movie asserts that they instead subsist on bugs, mice, and synthetic blood substitutes.

In The Littlest Vampire , vampires survive on cow blood; rather than death, the cows briefly gain vampiric powers as a result.

You seriously drink this stuff? Cookie Policy. While not strictly vampires, some Ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul employ alternate methods to survive without having to kill humans.

what do vegan vampires eats

Ventrue in Vampire: Batman initially survives on the substitute as well after his transformation into a vampire, but his bloodlust soon overtakes it, leaving him contemplating whether its loss of effectiveness is because he was bitten directly by Dracula or because he's just a more natural predator. In the end, his colleague succeeds in creating one, although the Corrupt Corporate Executive claims that the rich will still want the taste of the real thing.

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There are reformed vampires called "Black Ribboners" who fill their urge for blood by becoming obsessed with something else , e. Details have not been forthcoming.

what do vegan vampires eats

Stir until it thickens slightly, about 3 moreminutes. Notably, he isn't actually a vampire— he's a sort of genetically-engineered alien hybrid that needs the blood to prevent himself from involuntarily shapeshifting into a hulking monster.


How would Vegan Vampires survive? OK, their garden is a tad on the big […]. It didn't earn him any mercy , when Investigators from CCG caught him.

Submit a new post. My Life as a Vampire also has an alternative to blood that does not cause vampires to gain a Bloodlust. The point of my comment was that the definition needs updated.

what do vegan vampires eats

The only animal product he is safely able to consume is human blood. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by prana, the vital life force in Hinduism.