Rekha married to who

rekha married to who

Professionally and personally, I think it's curtains for her. Soon, Rekha walked up to Amitabh and began talking. Keyword Bollywood 71. He would have turned 73 today.

Smooch, Sindoor and Suicide: Rekha biography gives shocking details on the star's life

Eventually he opted for his wife leaving Rekha in the lurch. Unfortunately, he left us short after their divorce. Such was her hostility to Rekha that she reportedly pushed the actress away when the latter tried to touch her feet.

rekha married to who

She did not want Rekha as her daughter-in-law. He had an affair with this lady, with whom he had worked in various films.

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rekha married to who

Rekha was terribly hurt and confused. It was a very short lived marriage not lasting more than a couple of months. A sobbing Rekha couldn't take it which ended Mehra's relationship with her.

Amitabh Bachchan or not? The real reason why Rekha wears sindoor like a married lady

Their marriage life did not go well because of their long-distance relationships. Vinod Mehra's personal life was not as marvellous as his career graph. There is no question of having any further children at all for her now. Opposition parties meet, Urge to take nation into confidence on measures Nation Now.

Rekha and Her HusbandS Story: How They Met and In Loved

A national witchhunt followed. Kiran moved back to Kenya with the kids. Rekha, confused and hurt, began running towards the lift, with tears in her eyes, as a crowd began gathering around the flat. Mukesh was found dead a few days later — he had hanged himself. She may not have had any idea about the ideal husband at that point of time.

Throwback: When Vinod Mehra took Rekha home and his mother nearly beat her up with a sandal

Mukesh Agarwal was a businessman in Delhi. Rekha biography gives shocking details on the star's life From getting 'molested' on her debut film's sets to getting humiliated by Vinod Mehra's mother, from dealing with an affair with a top Bollywood actor to getting shamed by the entire country for husband Mukesh Agarwal's death, Rekha had to brave it all. A friend and a lover One of the most appreciated Bollywood jodis on the 1970s was of Rekha and Vinod Mehra.