Medabots metabee version where is erika now

medabots metabee version where is erika now

They all run to the ninja show but they arrive when the show has just ended. Add your answer Answers.

medabots metabee version where is erika now

He will tell you how to make up with Erika. After that go to the temple again and go where the Fiyun stone is. Exit the arena area and go back to the main room.

Where do I have to go? I'm in medaropolis and, ..

Power ups the attacks of the allies Extra attribute of the medaparts: It depends on your attack too. I'm not sure about their pros and cons yet. Head to that small space to uncover a ninja who will give you a medal.

medabots metabee version where is erika now

Samantha Field: Now move to Hashiro's house Koji wants to punish Hashiro. Now, you are rich.

Medabots: Metabee - Walkthrough/FAQ

Another fat cape guy will come in and then Robattle you. Take the south bridge and fight a group of old mans and go into the gap of the rock. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

medabots metabee version where is erika now

It will tell you some usefull info. Talk to the intercom and enter the house.

Medabots: Metabee – FAQ/Walkthrough

She sits at the left computer. Game Basics will be top priority for now, and it won't take long to finish. Go to Medabot island and to the Suprise Site. Talk to Erika and she will be scolding herself for not getting the scoop. You will read the sign between the two bushes and a medabot will appear from the water and talk to you.

How can I find erika at train station at medaropol..

Use the medalink and take the first place in the list. Then go left to meet Koji and Karin again. There you will find another ninja borther, and he'll give you a "Bear" medal. Talk to them.