Howard childress columbia tn apartments

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The maintenance guys are also great and there when you need them. At one point that had this terrible manager name Jim, thankfully he is gone. The maintenance is awesome and are always available. Relaxing is easy while walking on the wooded grounds. At times it may be hard to get a hold of her because she runs this complex alone.

howard childress columbia tn apartments

Come and see what Autumnwood has to offer. I recommend Autumnwood to any individual or small family. I lived at this property 3 times, once from 2006-2010, From 2012-2014 and then from 2017-2018. The management sucks she's to busy getting drunk with tenants to do her job properly. And I trust any of the employees to work among my belongings.

howard childress columbia tn apartments

She is very professional and just doesn't take any crap from people. The only negative thing I would say is there is no amenities and there is only 1 manager so she is doing like 5 different things at once sometimes and if she's not in the assistance people don't really know what's going on all that well.

Message Hello, I'm interested in Autumnwood Apartments.

howard childress columbia tn apartments

Never contacted me back no phone calls no e-mail no nothing 06-25-2018 Was this helpful? I read all the reviews below and just want to say the manager doesn't get drunk and doesn't spread rumors. We have a Security person who responds to any problem quickly and with an assertive manner that breeds our confidence. Community Features.

Most apartments have at least one part time or full time assistant manager and more amenities.

Autumnwood Apartments

Each time I have had different experiences. They are experienced, fast, and efficient. Helpful Information Find more Columbia Tennessee apartments. The current manager is really good and was also the manager in the past, I can't remember exactly when.