How to plant bignonia capreolata dragon

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Since this is a very aggressive grower, you can't be too aggressive in trimming. This is a very good time of year to do the trimming, as most plants are pretty dormant right now, even the evergreen ones. Did you know you can access the Native Plant Information Network with your web-enabled smartphone?

There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits.

Identification of large egg-like objects on vines in Texas April 17, 2010 - This past weekend we were at our deer lease in Hext,TX. Campsis radicans. Southwest Topic: McKinney, TX Region: My children and I went exploring along the banks of the San Saba river and found what we originally thought were some type of turtle or turkey e... Each leaf is placed to the right and then the... The main vine is at least 3" across.

how to plant bignonia capreolata dragon

Under the circumstances, you would be well advised to keep them trimmed and keep an eye out for suckers or runners where you don't want them. Smarty Plants? Pruning , Vines Title: Need help with plant identification, visit the plant identification page.

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Both can be very aggressive, and, over time, outright invasive, although it seems the Campsis radicans is more guilty of this that the Bignonia capreolata , which is the plant you have.

Who is Mr. July 11, 2011 - Now that my mustang grapes are harvested. Bignonia capreolata. Native Plants.

Barbara Medford. Please forgive us, but Mr. The edges are smooth and elongated. The leaves are dark, glossy green about 2-3" long.

how to plant bignonia capreolata dragon

My neighbor has the same plant and it blooms profusely. Care for cultivar of native Bignonia capreolata Answered by: I have pruned the vine in February as was suggested on another site.

Identification of a wild vine in East Texas December 17, 2010 - Trying to identify a wild vine that grow 15-20 feet up our trees. Smarty Plants has been overwhelmed by a flood of mail and must take a break for awhile to catch up.

Use your pruning shears both to control and shape it.

how to plant bignonia capreolata dragon