How to make the best red enchiladas

Cheese Enchiladas

Servings 6. Recipe as written below yields about 2 cups 16 ounces sauce.

how to make the best red enchiladas

Your email address will not be published. I did not like the Citija cheese and thought fees for better with salt and Cholula sauce.

how to make the best red enchiladas

Pour in chicken broth, whisking the entire time and until there are no more clumps. Pecan-Pie Cheesecake.

Stellar recipe.

How to Make Enchilada Sauce

Thanks so much for experimenting to find just the right flavor. This recipe is a staple in my house and it never disappoints.

how to make the best red enchiladas

Can you add ground beef? I tried making this sauce with a gluten-free flour blend and that worked great as well. He made his portion to the letter and we were both very happy with the results!

They make them just how I loved them when we lived in Mexico! Have been looking for a good sauce. Just heat the canned sauce on low in a sauce pan and use the same process as you do of flash frying the tortilla then dipping it immediately in the chile and then to the baking pan.

how to make the best red enchiladas

Or, something different? I did not call you ignorant. Found myself darn near licking the plate and I only made cheese enchiladas. I tried making sauce with tomato sauce, which tasted too raw and was kind of goopy.

how to make the best red enchiladas

If you look up the definition of flash frying, you will see that it is the process of frying something at a very high temperature in oil, not dipping something in a sauce at at low temperature. It tastes like the red sauce you get at Mexican restaurants. I love that you share so many of your family recipes, espEcially since so many Are mexican food dishes? Happily the fix worked brilliantly, the sauce tasted AMAZING and as a lucky side benefit, the additions resulted in me having extra, which was ultimately necessary for the ridiculously large qty of enchiladas I made!!

The new recipe seems quite different from the old. My homemade chicken enchiladas for NYE dinner were facing ruination, but I remembered that when spicy food is too much for your palate, drinking milk can help.