How to complete scp containment breach

The door, however, will not open until the player disables the remote door control system and talks to SCP-079.

how to complete scp containment breach

The player, naturally, will view from a lower perspective and will move slower. The total inventory space is ten items. The following may contain spoilers about the game.

An example of blinking.

SCP - Containment Breach

It is where two of the game's four endings take place. In the second ending at Gate A, it is safe to asume the scientist is referring to the players ability to respawn. The main antagonist of the game is SCP-173 , an animate concrete sculpture that kills all living things on sight, moving toward its victims at a speed of several feet in one blink of an eye and snapping their necks with irresistible strength and lethal precision.

Decontamination gas that makes you blink faster, locked doors that require a key card with a sufficient security clearance or a specific access code to open, timer switch controlled doors, and of course, several escaped SCPs. Alongside this video Regalis announced that v 1.

Upon taking the stairs downwards, D-9341 will find a door that leads to a service tunnel. On January 19th, 2012, a YouTube user who goes by the name of "Haversine" released a short clip of an experimental game they are working on called SCP-087 , based upon the SCP of the same name. Before the events of the game take place, several of the Foundation 's sites and sectors were attacked, which caused several Euclid and Keter SCPs to be temporarily relocated to an unspecified site until repairs on the previous facilities are completed.

The "Fine" eyedrops increase the duration of the effect, however, the resulting eyedrops from the "Very Fine" setting will cause the player to stop blinking altogether for a significant amount of time, causing their eyes to hurt and even blinding the player for a moment.

how to complete scp containment breach

If the stamina bar is low when the super gas mask is equipped, the bar will not freeze, but begin refilling quickly. Each ending plays a unique audio recording or radio transmission on the end screen between personnel discussing events that took place after the game ended.

Sign In. The most prominent hazards being SCPs which have escaped containment.

When creating a new file , the player is given the option to choose from four different difficulty settings. Microsoft Windows. Along the way the player can find items to aid them.

how to complete scp containment breach

On an unknown date at 9: Retrieved from " https: When sprinting by holding the Shift key, the player can run very fast and they are advised to only do so when evading an SCP or MTF units. The game became a viral success, catching the attention of Regalis, who became inspired to create a more varied version of the game which deviated from SCP-087's original article.

how to complete scp containment breach

The site is then immediately put under lockdown and Nine-Tailed Fox operatives are sent into the site shortly afterwards to re-contain the escaped SCPs and terminate any rogue Class-Ds they encounter. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc.

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