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There were two massive time gaps in that episode; the first spanning 300 years and the second spanning an unspecified-but-certainly-very-long period of time. Near the end of Deep Breath, the Doctor says I'm the doctor. The Stone Rose , TV: He spent centuries probably a thousand years in fact in his last incarnation.

dr who 1000 years ago

A Device of Death and later on he consistently said he was "something about 750", about 757 or 749 when he travelled with Sarah Jane Smith TV: Autumn Mist having spent three years imprisoned. Hot Network Questions.

Stories and laws from 1,000 years ago unearthed in ancient book

Under the Lake , Before the Flood. He states as much in "The Day of the Doctor", and if, for example, we were to factor in the alleged 600 years that the Eighth Doctor spent on the titular planet in the Big Finish audio drama "Orbis" although even in that story, he states that he doesn't always count years the same way and that he sometimes adjusts his age count based on wherever in the universe he is in at any given time , then that would already make him over 1,000 by the time of his Eighth incarnation, which thoroughly contradicts his Ninth incarnation's assertion of being 900 years old although "Time and the Rani" already accomplished that thanks to the aforementioned 953 figure , rendering any age that any post-Time War Doctor gives to be of questionable accuracy.

The public can register for the conference of the Royal Irish Academy website: Hempson says Africa is the only place left where they could conduct this study because there are fewer cases of extinction here.

dr who 1000 years ago

Presumably, those years were indeed accumulated during the Siege of Trenzalore as you say. Namely, qubits can take both logical states 0 and 1 simultaneously, on top of any value in...

dr who 1000 years ago

It was difficult to determine the Doctor's life expectancy, given their ability to regenerate. Jack Aidley Jack Aidley 924 5 10. When he partook in a bloodfasting with the vampire Joanna Harris who was over 950 years old at the time , Harris was able to see the Doctor's memories through their temporary psychic link, and was instantly struck by the fact that he was "far older" than even she, who was the oldest of her vampire coven.

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dr who 1000 years ago

Jesus, that fits with the Heaven motive for this season, too!! Dr Boyle said: Did he pick up another thousand years in Trenzalore, or is this something else?

dr who 1000 years ago