Confront someone who unfriended you

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confront someone who unfriended you

Cruel jerks. And someone still unfriends you. Outside of a disagreement, if this is a person who you see regularly outside of Facebook, continue to be respectful and friendly toward them.

There are even how-to articles on how to unfriend so that no one feels offended. It just isn't realistic and fluidity of relationships is part and parcel of what life is. Be reasonable and honest as you make this assessment——no need for beating yourself up or for pretending you're not doing annoying things!

confront someone who unfriended you

Find out if you did something to hurt theur feelings and try to make it right if you did do something hurtful. Change any annoying behavior you've been indulging in.

They'll be taken aback that you're enough of a weirdo to bring up a Facebook unfriending. Do you keep telling people how far you've cycled, how many calories you're not consuming or how low your BMI is?

The hidden emotional consequences of de-friending ex-pals and former flames

It can be as brief as you like. Respect that. Are you trolling for praise? You're a good person, and a good Facebook Friend. Watch as they stammer excuses, stutter, and try to explain. You're a terrible friend. This article has also been viewed 212,334 times.

My experience was extreme and rare hopefully , and the consequences were severe.

The Consequences of “Unfriending” and Why You Should Do It Anyway

You're repulsive to them. You win. Treat others better in the future. This is no different than if you had received any other indicator that the person was upset or annoyed with you.

confront someone who unfriended you

Avoid seeing your self-worth as being wrapped up in the praise or validation of others.