Aayla secura costume how to make it

This was our first attempt at making anything from latex.

This body paint is amazing. Did you use a certain type of latex? To make the patterns on the apron flaps, I sewed together layers of leather that were cut from two different lambskin hides one smooth, one textured.

Ive never made a mold before so im not quite sure how to do it. In addition to the main lines for the neck and arm, I also marked the front and back center so I could take a few inches off, angling the seams so that the shirt became fitted.

aayla secura costume how to make it

First, I washed and dried the shirts. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Aayla Secura Costume

Hello Bay! The side of the shirt opens beneath the right arm. Only need one of course which you make one mold of and then produce two latex ears. Then, I began by putting on the shirts the inner shirt inside out and drawing lines with a piece of charcoal. So check your color first!!!

How to make Star Wars Aayla Secura Twi'lek costume

Plaster of Paris Mold Playing with plaster is always fun! Lining the mold with strips of gauze strips as we applied the layers of plaster of paris was key to avoid our cast form breaking. The chin strap is permanently glued with contact cement on one side, and has a piece of velcro to hold it on the other end.

It closes on the right side with a strip of velcro.

aayla secura costume how to make it

While her costume is quite a nice design, it is also a difficult one to recreate accurately. The back piece was set too low when I took these pictures. As far as what latex we used, we used Woodland Latex Rubber.

aayla secura costume how to make it

Please Note: Having mastered the emotional detachment necessary in the Jedi Order, she tries to pass on what she has learned to others. Facebook Google Pinterest Email Twitter. Sculpting the headpiece was actually a lot of fun! To make the mold we used: Just in case it rains, you sweat, or in general run into anything liquid.

Star Wars - Twilek Cosplay - Body Paint Transformation

After painting, I used rubber cement to hold the leather straps in place. Make sure you talk to the retailer though and get the right sealant. Star Wars Twi'lek costume. How did you make the mold?