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Finding a niche is really difficult for many work at home young professionals. If you’re like me, you spent a lot of time researching before you found what you wanted to do. The problem is that you see so many ideas that look great that you want to try them all. If you need to find your focus, here’s what you should do.

Begin by sitting down – by yourself! – with a piece of paper and a pen. Write down several things that you love to do. Don’t think about potential businesses. Just write what you enjoy. Perhaps you took a snowboarding trip once that was exciting. You may enjoy curling up with a good book and a latte. Or you have managed to keep and collect old stuff like stamps, comic books, vintage toys, or even foreign silver coins and bills. Think about what you would do if time and money were not factors.

In a day or two, go back to that list and brainstorm ways you could start a business from those ideas. Some of your ideas will be simple; others may take more thinking. The love of snowboarding you developed from that trip could turn into a website or blog devoted to the sport. You could sell products and even help people sign up for lessons online. You may want to learn more about snowboarding and begin giving lessons yourself.

Coffee addiction can turn into an online shop with cute coffee-related sayings. You could sell coffee as an independent consultant. You can put up a blog referring to your vintage collector’s items, and perhaps some buyers online might contact you for a very good deal. Regardless of the hobby or passion, you can identify something business-related to do with it. Imagination is all that’s important at this stage.

Once you have a few business ideas, you should begin to narrow the list based on what you think is viable. Think about how likely you are to get customers and how much you can put into that business idea. Try the excitement test. Think about getting up every morning to work on this business. Does that excite you? If it does, then it’s a good idea. If you immediately think of the dreadful parts of the business, it’s not for you.

Once you’re down to a couple of ideas, begin to jot the ideas you have for the business and how it would work. Once you’re doing that, you should get a feel for how much you truly are interested in the business idea. One of them should jump out at you, and you’ll know you have a winner.

Working from home is a journey. You won’t be a success overnight and picking the right business now will benefit your business efforts in the future.