Who makes diamo scooters dealers

The Diamo scooter assets, however, were picked up in 2009 by a company called Precision Powersports, who recognized the value of this product line and plans to keep developing it.

Diamo Scooters from Diamo USA

Find More Posts by spandi. You hear a lot about the riders who have problems, but most I think are a good buy. Thank you for your help. After a few thousand miles the previous owner either fixes all the problems that crop up or they just junk the scooter.

who makes diamo scooters dealers

Proudly powered by SBI! Find More Posts by Admin. When buying a Chinese scooter it's actually somewhat beneficial to buy a used one with a few thousand miles on it. Mark Forums Read.

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Diamo scooters are made by Diamo USA. Kathryn Simons Direct: Find More Posts by gebe. I had a few electrical problems with the 150cc when it was new, but they were minor and have not had to fix anything, except a new battery on it in years.

who makes diamo scooters dealers

As a whole, the entire Diamo USA website is quite outdated and is not a great source of current information on their product line. Custom rear shocks are out there. I want to keep it if I can't get much for it, but the scooter interest here in the Southwest US is pretty high right now. Send a private message to oldkid.

who makes diamo scooters dealers

When I looked at the coil, the green wire's connector had snapped in half and was just dangling free. All descriptions are taken from the manufacturer's website or from press releases.

U.S. Dealers Offer Diamo Scooter Buyers One Year Free Gasoline

Just be aware of putting to much money into something not worth much money. Diamo Torino 150 2011 2011 Diamo Torino 150 specifications, pictures, reviews and rating. Skip to Main Content Site Map.

Parts for ZMD Scooters

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