Where is the neolodge

where is the neolodge

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where is the neolodge

The neopets neolodge link is as follows: Who needs children when your Neopets are picky eaters! Item Eating Pets Certain pets, like Skeiths, Grarrls, and Jetsams can eat any item in your inventory if they're hungry.

Neopets Neolodge

I normally always keep my pets in the Neolodge at all times so I don't have to worry about feeding them everyday. Conspiracy theorist usuki. When you click "complete booking", your pet will begin checking in! Has anyone else done this and can tell me how it worked out for them, or just thoughts and opinions on this "tactic?

There's also the option to feed an item to those three pets. To reserve a room for your pet, simply follow the four-step directions on the main Neolodge page. Playing with your pet Although your pet is in the Neolodge, you'd still be able to play with it, play games with it, and all of the other dailies that include pets, even the free Sponsor foods.

where is the neolodge

It also takes time to have the window open up and do each one, wait for the loading and have to press the same food again and do the same thing. Well, maybe now that I just said that I "chuck" them there, I feel a little bad.

This thread is getting too funny.

The Neolodge

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