Whats wrong with butters on south park

whats wrong with butters on south park

And eventually they did: Meanwhile, Jared decides to tell the world that "aides" are responsible for his weight loss. The Boys. Nellie Stotch. Though he has returned, Kenny's role has declined to an extent due to lack of ideas for the character and Butters has taken on a more prominent role again.

Stranger Sign in, buddy.

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And he absolutely loves Bennigan's. Kyle, Stan, and Cartman all openly bullied Butters, telling him how he's not cool like Kenny. Stan Marsh. Paladin Butters the Merciful.

whats wrong with butters on south park

Not wanting his future to end up that way, Stan takes matters into his own hands. Instead of thinking they're all ignoring him, Cartman believes he's dead.


Let's Go Tower Defense Play!. He also seems to have some break-dancing ability, as seen in the episode " Asspen ". It is later revealed that Cartman realized Butters broke his promise of secrecy; so he visits him in the hospital. S and shows his popularity to the other boys.

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Stephen and Linda tried to keep Butters' murder a secret and blamed it on "some Puerto Rican guy". Butters' profile picture on Facebook which can be found on his official Facebook page. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has.

whats wrong with butters on south park

However, due to people constantly over-analyzing things for what's not really there, the book becomes an instant success, at least until the book supposedly causes a man to kill the Kardashians.

Stephen Stotch. This may not be entirely Butters' fault though, as the boys originally told him he wrote the book.

Butters Stotch

Logically, this would be considered Butters' biggest health problem, but it has never been even remotely mentioned anywhere else in the show, except for one scene later on in the same episode.

Butters shows up not wearing a mask and asks why the other boys are wearing gas masks. Barbershop Quartet. He briefly explored his feminine alter-ego as Marjorine. The Melvins.