What is bolster swtor

what is bolster swtor

Melee DPS, whose time on target tends to be lower, will see lower average uptimes. Paravian says: If there is no gear chase from PvP that removes all progression from PvP gameplay and it also removes a part of the reward structure. With the amount of skills available for each class and AC, a solid key bind layout will be paramount which you alluded to in your above post.


Ben Gimson. An interesting implication of 2 is that a low-level player who is geared in solid greens and blues for their level can hit hard in PVP. It sometimes feel like the higherlevels see me over 50 meters. There is a lot of ignorance on the forums. If i have to take down a 50 Guy with 16k Hp compared to the 11-12k from the lowerlevels its just not fair. Frizzle says: Meelis S. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

SWTOR Bolster Plans for 5.10 and Beyond

ExcelsiorSolid says: How does the Bolster effect in Warzones work? The old bolster was fine for pvp. Screw that noise. Prior to game update 5. Full disclosure: Wait if your level 18 in PvP why is there a level 50?

what is bolster swtor

WoW specifcally has all these things, and at high levels it even since cata has the high TTK. Does it make sense?

3.1 SWTOR 1K Expertise compared to 2018 Expertise

To address this, we are going to be increasing Bolster in Game Update 5. This will additionally help in closing the gap between BiS players and those being Bolstered. Show 2 comments. Open world PvP should be subject to gear checks as its a hybrid play style.

Also, as a reminder we are not only adjusting Bolster on gear, but also on Augments. Also, as a reminder we are not only adjusting Bolster on gear, but also on Augments. I am level 42 atm and just got my level 31 ability in the Vengenance tree.

what is bolster swtor

To make an educated guess, look at how much total offensive stat you gain or lose.