What does yabai means

My son picked up the habit of using "John" in his sentences; the other night, he asked me, "Dad, are you cooking that chicken john?


Will read it once I have time: Some people living in Japan may have chance to listen to Japanese people saying Yabai. Jul 31 ReneeCole.

what does yabai means

You mention that a derivative is Yabe-, and say that you find it a little too coarse for women. You know, in english we do say "SICK!

what does yabai means

Often heard from the younger ladies. Page 47 starts with the following: She looked at him, scoldingly, and said "Yabai yo!

what does yabai means

In fact, I use it a lot myself. Top 12 Fastest Bikes in The World Owning or riding a superfast motorcycle is the dream of many But the question arises that which bike would you buy if you have enough money in your bank.

what does yabai means

I'm kinda surprised it can be used in a good way People used taihen a lot for terrible. Web discover-jp. Sign up.

what does yabai means

Maybe on the verge of bankruptcy 'Nanka yabakunai? Edited by Jeryl Lu on May 20, 2008 12: Maybe I'll figure it out once I get back to Japan soon, haha.

Your name will be public. It's really heavy!

What does YABAI mean in English? Japanese language lesson word of the day

Well then, every language is alive.