What causes our feelings

User Contributions: Scientists have discovered that the thoughts that cause emotions usually answer questions like these:.

We Are Responsible for Our Own Feelings

This means two people could be in the same situation, but they might feel different emotions because they have different thoughts see Figure 1. Cite This Page: Can someone else make us feel a certain way? And all thoughts produce a feeling.

Emotional Reaction: You can learn more about Dr.

what causes our feelings

They proposed that upon experiencing a stimulating event, information about the event is collected by the body's senses and is sent through the nervous system to the brain.

For example, sudden fear often causes a person to freeze like a deer caught by a car's headlights. Mackler, Carolyn.

What Causes Your Feelings? Not What You Think!

Emotions, often called feelings, include experiences such as love, hate, anger, trust, joy, panic, fear, and grief. Cognitive reappraisal of emotion: Cannon and Bard found that people could experience emotion without getting physical feedback from chemical messengers. Suddenly, Mandy froze as a car shot right past her through the red light and crashed into a car already in the intersection.

what causes our feelings

However, sometimes these same emotions can be unhelpful if they happen in the wrong situations. Or, if you are so scared of taking a test that you stay home from school, then this might stop you from getting a good grade in that class.

what causes our feelings

Second, your emotional reactions involve changes in 1 what your body is doing, 2 what you pay attention to and think about, and 3 how you want to act. Unconscious Processes: Studies have shown that... People have very similar internal responses to the same emotion.

what causes our feelings

To do this, you first decide that it is ok to be feeling fear. Grohol sits on the editorial board of the journal Computers in Human Behavior and is a founding board member and treasurer of the Society for Participatory Medicine.