Learning how to tie gele

Makeup Schools in Lagos: Fold the end of your gele that is going to be your front.

learning how to tie gele

To be fair, the way you tie bridal gele is not much different from the usual technique. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

learning how to tie gele

Your email address will not be published. Full List Trademark Registration in Nigeria: However, be aware that, as you go on with your layers, your hands and arms will get very tired.

learning how to tie gele

And there you have it, two simple how to tie gele tutorials. You do not want it to get in the way.

How to tie bridal gele?

So, the team at Madivas sat down and came up with a better way to update our ardent readers and voila! Step 8. Continue pleating until you run out of fabric. How to tie gele? There are many gele styles out there.

The easiest way to tie gele

Adjust it if needed to put the pleats closer to each other. All women want to look stunning on their big day, especially during the traditional wedding.

A lot of women wear it on a day-to-day basis, but others only do it on special occasions. Step 5.

learning how to tie gele

Step 1. Among those occasions is, of course, a traditional wedding ceremony. Form a fan shape in the middle by squeezing the ends.

learning how to tie gele

Good luck and have the greatest wedding ever!