How to say dream in german

how to say dream in german

I've had dreams in German too, although, I've been several times to Germany so I have heard natives speaking: Emanuel Don't you feel that the second sentence is awkward for the reason I mentioned? By Kaisa 6 min read.

Had a dream in German

Als ich dann dran war, stand ich auf und sagte: I was parachuting, but I had to make an emergency landing by a river, and I missed it. This is so interesting!!

how to say dream in german

But I did talk to a german speaking guy. By the way, I don't feel that this question is more opinion-based than several other translation-type questions.


Too bad they're pronounced completely differently. Reply Henar 29th March 2017 at 5: A fan of all things France related, she runs www. Email Required, but never shown.

how to say dream in german

Reply Anthony pitt 6th November 2018 at 6: To be ashamed of and on behalf of others. All Rights Reserved. Not enough cute animals.

How to say dream in German?

EpicPowerHero 14 10 6 5 3. But I was still happy about dreaming in German.

how to say dream in german

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12 weird German phrases we should all be using

Yeah, it works best if the dream was subtitled, and the sound turned down. Emanuel Emanuel 25k 1 46 104. I think it's chock full of "shhh" sounds. Wish I could have a dream in German too! Reply Max 17th April 2018 at 10: Synonyms Synonyms English for "sweet":