George takei tsunami howard stern

Lastly, the social justice activist spoke compassionately and whimsically about his fight for the LGBTQ community, their rights, their struggle for marriage and equality. His empowering journey was unleashed and conveyed with the help of Jay Kuo, the brilliant and well spoken head of "Team Takei", his advisor since the inception of Takei's viral social media explosion.

george takei tsunami howard stern

He then led his fans through the celebration of his rise to fame, via the science fiction hit series, Star Trek, a project way ahead of it's time, which still lives on today.

I spoke with Lieutenant Sulu, at a Star Trek convention many years ago, and found him to be exactly the same, except twice as outspoken, in the best way possible. I clung to every word, every episode, every bit of laughter with the anticipation of the next.

Live Review: An Evening With George Takei: In Conversation With Jay Eileen Shapiro

Howard asked Gary what he knew about the feud between Shatner and Doohan and Gary said he thought it had to do with Shatner's refusal to be involved with Star Trek conventions and other things the cast had done. Before he hung up, Walker said something in Japanese, saying that George would understand. To that he responded:.

george takei tsunami howard stern

Takei myself were honestly and openly revealed during his showcase. Back from a break, Howard talked about the passing of James Doohan.

george takei tsunami howard stern

Each of the topics he emphasized, such as not being able to admit to being gay while aspiring to be an actor back in the 60's, his first experience on the Howard Stern show, how he continues to conquer political injustices, Trump, and so forth, were executed in the most eloquent and humorous fashion.

George Takei for President was my immediate thought as I focused upon the actor's ability to collide with injustice, and attack political demons, with his light hearted, sarcastic raillery. Advertisers would shun the series. At one point he joked about loving straight couples because they were the key to making all those gay babies.

Scotty's Finally the One Getting Beamed Up

In Conversation With Jay Kuo..... In one, George calls him a "consummate actor," although he pronounced it "con-summit" which led the guys to goof on Takei for a while.

george takei tsunami howard stern

Kuo guided the conversation through questions, answers and scenarios, with the two situated on stage, yet making the atmosphere comfortable enough so the congregation felt as though they were in the duo's living room.

If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Tom Chiusano came in to defend Takei's pronunciation of consummate, saying he found online that there were indeed two ways to say the word.

george takei tsunami howard stern