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Friends being separated. For its opening third, this episode seems like a story where the Doctor would never leave the house, one in which the TARDIS is conveniently forgotten.

But with the help of a magic mirror and a whole lot of clunky exposition it becomes something else entirely—a moving mediation on grief and loneliness.

“The Woman Who Fell To Earth”

Sometimes his conduct will seem strange and mysterious, and sometimes it just comes across as a bit silly. Capaldi turns in a suitably fearless performance, reaching his obsessive crescendo as he prepares to meet whatever is waiting for him at the end of the universe.

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Characters dying. Contributor, The A.

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Her interests include superhero movies, feminist theory, and Jane Austen novels. TV Filed to: Caroline Siede.

"In The Forest Of The Night"

As such, Clara is probably always going to feel like a more generic companion than her new series predecessors. Doctor Who has long contended that vampires are completely real. From the very beginning, this Doctor has presented himself as the stuff of fairy tales, the kind of magical, all-knowing, and perfect hero that a lonely little girl would spend a childhood dreaming about. In that instant, the Doctor unleashes the full fury of a god, but he does so like the daffy madman he has always been, flapping his arms about and joyously taunting the Daleks as he fires bolts of regenerative energy.

“Demons Of The Punjab”

Not vampires though. The next man might get to wear his old clothes, but the bowtie stays with him forever.

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But what interests me even more are the moments in which this Doctor feels wholly unique. Caroline Siede is a pop culture critic in Chicago, where the cold never bothers her anyway. Filed to: Filed to: Caroline Siede Contributor, The A.

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Recap Filed to: Recommended Stories. As with the scenes set on the gorgeous green hills of Sheffield, director Jamie Childs takes great advantage of unique locations to make a familiar Doctor Who scenario feel entirely new. Kinja is in read-only mode.

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