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Got a Home Business? Five Tax Ideas to Write Off and Save!

Here we are, another year and another tax season for the majority of us. For some, its a blessing for this time of the year since we’re able to file taxes and get our returns for the previous year. For others, its a…

Identity Theft: How to Protect Your Credit and Finances

These are some identity theft steps to take:

(1) Don’t have your personal information on your checks, like your driver’s license number or your Social Security Number. Sure it is a timesaver at the grocery, but it’s a have for theft.

Self-Employed and Taxes

If you were one of thousands of Americans this year you have kicked your old JOB (just over broke) to the curb. You are stretching your wings and went into business for yourself. Whether you are working at home, or you have a…

Finding Your Work at Home Niche

You may enjoy curling up with a good book and a latte. Or you have managed to keep and collect old stuff like stamps, comic books, vintage toys, or even foreign silver coins and bills. Think about what you would do if time and money were not factors.

Top Office Interior Design Tips

Here are 5 great office interior design tips that will improve the look of your office as well as invigorate the workforce. Planning out your space and designing your floor plan can be work, whether it’s a medical office or corporate location.

Five Smart Tips To Start a Small Business In 2018

2018 is just around the corner and one thing that every New Year brings is opportunities. As every New Year approaches, it comes with opportunities to do things differently to get better results. For a lot of people, plans are underway to venture…

Modern Tips For Small Business Start-Ups

the art of getting a new business off the ground is a hard one to master, but new entrepreneurs will benefit from these start-up steps.No matter how good the product or service being offered, the success of a business often comes down to…


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