Where to see alligators in east texas

Check best times to visit. During the mating season, adult male alligators become very territorial, staking out a large area of habitat that holds several female gators. More Show less. The tails are strong and powerful, but they are that way for swimming, not fighting.

There are gators galore in Texas

They have some other critters for you to see as well. The owner is very friendly and happy to answer any questions.

where to see alligators in east texas

You can still enjoy the rest of our animals at the zoo, both inside and outside. A fun, very good value attraction. Buffalo Bayou gives lots of opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, boat touring, and alligator watching. The biggest lakes, Elm and 40-Acre Lake, are usually the best. Park visitors should not feed them, either.

where to see alligators in east texas

Beaumont Civic Ballet. Willie Nelson's Fourth of July Picnic.

where to see alligators in east texas

When they begin to compete for the same kinds of foods. Some people have been injured by alligators in Texas but not at Brazos Bend. Date of experience: Thank Pete M.

Alligators & Swamps in Beaumont, TX

City Parks. Alligators live in "cooler" at least by comparison climates.

where to see alligators in east texas

In the 22 so-called core counties, alligator harvest is regulated through issuance of tags to landowners. The best times during the year are the spring and fall. The closer the KTRE camera gets, the more he wants nothing to do with it. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. Both males and females can bellow. Are alligators cannibalistic? Wild gators probably do get over 40 or so before death catches up with them.


Since they have been both isolated from humans for all but about 5 or 6 thousand years, they don't really understand we're on the menu, unless we teach them. Don't miss a chance to see these beautiful and ancient huge reptiles. Beautiful animals you can touch, feed, etc. What do alligators eat?