When the levee breaks original blues

when the levee breaks original blues

It displays the care that came with the time spent on it. Buckwheat Zydeco has a funky, deep-south, B3-heavy cover. Featured February 25, 2019. JD Nash - February 26, 2019 0.

when the levee breaks original blues

All Rights reserved. People took shelter on top of levees, the only high points in the area. Many of their modest homes, rented to them by plantation owners, were gone.

when the levee breaks original blues

I works on the levee, mama both night and day I works on the levee, mama both night and day I works so hard, to keep the water away. Since their 1970 release, the song has given rise to countless different interpretations and variations. Share on Facebook.

When The Levee Breaks

If a river floods too long and too much, however, levees can become saturated and break. Afterwards, conditions worsened. Sign in.

when the levee breaks original blues

Do not reprint without express permission. Desperate measures eventually failed and the swollen river broke through levees, killing hundreds and causing the most expensive natural disaster in American History.

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A Brief History of "When the Levee Breaks"

Residents of the delta, many African-Americans reportedly at gunpoint, scrambled to build more levees higher. A mournful, forty-year old song on breaking levees in the Mississippi Delta was a natural fit.

when the levee breaks original blues

Levees were a particularly common theme among the original delta bluesmen. Alex Chilton: The song was played in a loose ragtime style, with the narrator worrying about what will happen if the levee that protects him and his home is washed away.

As a result, most had no choice but to leave for the North in search a better way of life. Much of their musical library thus far had been heavily based on original delta blues, about which the band members were fanatical. Sign up to get blues music news, content, updates, and breaking stories.

In 1970, Led Zeppelin, a band that had shot to unprecedented meteoric fame, went into the studio to record their fourth album. Forgot your password? Follow us on Instagram ameribluesscene. If the water level becomes too high, it can flow over the top of a levee.