What do in utero seizures feel like

what do in utero seizures feel like

While I was pregnant I developed diabeties and also had polycystic ovarin disease. Depending upon the severity this can be eminently life threatening for the baby. And I'm going through it right now.

Can babies in the womb have seizures?

What was distinctive about her in utero movement was she seemed to do periods lasting several minutes of what felt like rolling over and over. Sadly, I did not have this knowledge for my first born child but I continue to learn a lot in this forum that helps us.

what do in utero seizures feel like

I don't know if either one of these may have hindered the developement of the brian. Preemies will demonstrate this outside the womb.

If you are worried call doc of course but high majority of times it is just immature muscles that move really fast and jerky. Last night I felt strong fast repetitious movements for about a minute and a half. Because my husband's son has epilepsy, I have wondered if these movements represent some kind of abnormal neurological activity in the baby. Diagnosing, Treating and Preventing the Influenza Virus in Babies and Toddlers What To Expect Children's flu short for "influenza" is just like the adult variety — a contagious and common viral infection of the throat, nose, and lungs that usually rears its ugly head between the months of October and April.

what do in utero seizures feel like

After trying many things what they found does stop them is Valium, for most people. I never felt anything like that before.

Can babies have seizures in the womb?

I called my dr, and spoke with the dr on call and he said there is no problem going and getting it checked out, but my question is would it be worth it?? I've never seen a longer cord in my life.

Are there normal and abnormal movements for a baby in the womb?

I don't know how he stands it, the amount of constant movement he has to stay in to me would feel like torture, even in his sleep. I was monitored for about an hour and baby is great.

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Permalink Submitted by sligo125 on Mon, 2005-08-08 14: I find your links very helpful. Pregnancy Week by Week. One time period lasted right at 14 hours. Seizures in utero?

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Sincerely, Kelley. They stated that it was just the baby moving around being active. The diaphragm is a muscle at the base on the lungs, more or less, that acts as a bellows. It was very "violent" feeling, like he was distressed. R Readysetgo. No pain at all.

what do in utero seizures feel like

Talk with your dr if you are worried.