Toontown cheats how to get all gags

This is the simplest of all methods.

toontown cheats how to get all gags

Some affect only one Toon, while others can be used on all Toons in the battle, aside from the Toon who is using the Toon-Up. My friend is a 130 laffer and he has evry gag maxed from toon-up to squirt and lvl two for drop????? Krystal How to walk on the roof at a toon estate. Go to goofy's gag shop and walk into the outer corner of the boxes.

How to Train All Gags Fast and Easy

Using a Sound gag will wake up all lured Cogs in battle. Lure gags are used to lure Cogs forward, sometimes into Trap gags set by the Toons.

toontown cheats how to get all gags

Say OK to confirm that was part of your secret. This may take a few tries,but trust me,it works!

toontown cheats how to get all gags

Answer the question! Top cheats View all. This site uses cookies. You must time it correctly, so that it will not say " has gone somewhere else!

Toontown Online Q&A

The light forms the shape of Mickey Mouse. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Then press press exit Toon town two times! T - Toontastic! Submitted by Kobeius Look inside building Just before you fight the supervisor in the Cashbot HQ's bullion mint, go to the safe when it is gray. You should now be in a green abyss.

toontown cheats how to get all gags

Go to Loopy Lane. Do you already have an account?

How to Unlock all Gag Tracks in TTR (Exploit)

If a megaphone used by someone that has lipstick misses on three Toons, it will give two to each rather than six. Dominus, PC Space Hulk: Say if i had TT ac5 7ha, i would say... Then click on a cog and it will ask you if you want to become friends with that cog.

toontown cheats how to get all gags

Jump into it and you will go outside the building and be able to look inside of it. Make sure that another Toon is using squirt on a separate cog, so that it should be as follows: