Rubber squeak when turning wheel

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rubber squeak when turning wheel

Brought it to Springfield, turns out the control module failed, scheduled for replacement in just a few days. We might try the lubing of the tie rods tomorrow and I will post the results.

Car Squeaks When Turning?

Under the hood, look for places where the motor or transmission bolt to the frame of the car and looked for cracked rubber there.

Please help. I have a 2010 Chevy Cobalt. A power steering system is a simple system in a car. The noise you are describing sounds like you have a worn lower ball joint, worn sway bar end link or a worn shock mount.

Your disk brake has vents along the edge so if something is stuck in the caliper it could make the winding sound you are describing.

rubber squeak when turning wheel

I can hear and feel it by the steering wheel. My car also feels really stiff whenever I turn, which is a new phenomenon. Mike UpNorth December 27, 2018.

rubber squeak when turning wheel

As far as anything being affected…it tracks straight while driving and the ride is still smooth…I even thought that something had gotten caught under the car like a small limb that was causing the problem….

That sounds like emission mode.

rubber squeak when turning wheel

If you get a fluid flush and the proper fluid level and still have difficulty turning the steering wheel, you may have worn tie rods and should have those checked by a mechanic.

He has dealt with this in the past and knew right away. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Noisy steering wheel? Get your steering system inspected at your home or office.

The car has good brake pads and there is loads of power steering fluid in it. The sound you are hearing may be the new pads rubbing on that dip in the lip of the old brake rotors you still have on there. The clock spring is an electrical connection that allows the steering wheel to turn while still making an electrical connection.

rubber squeak when turning wheel

Any help appreciated.